Behind the headlines: GM's latest Covid numbers and a new owner for the Trafford Centre

What you need to know this evening

Good evening members — we should find out tomorrow (or later tonight, if it leaks to the newspapers) whether Greater Manchester is going to escape from Tier 3 for the festive period. What seems more likely is that some parts of GM could be downgraded— boroughs where case rates are well below the national average.

Below we have a quick update on the latest data that will be going into the government’s decision, plus a quick briefing on the new owners of the Trafford Centre. This format is a bit new and is supposed to complement the long-reads and features we publish by giving you a quick hit of information and context on a couple of important stories. Do tell us if you find it useful.

And just quickly: We will do a members’ discussion thread at 8pm tomorrow to talk about the news on tiers and how people are thinking about the festive break. Put it in your diaries, and you will get an email reminding you and letting you join the thread.

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