'Fights usually come to you'

Memories of a former Manchester United hooligan, Manchester's 'Karl Marx look' and a report from a youth strike

Dear Millers — today’s newsletter is a bit different: we’ve compiled a few shorter pieces and a letter together, including an interesting vignette of a man called James, a former Manchester United hooligan who has lived in north Manchester all his life.

A while ago, we published the first story in our Northern Project series, (Inside Harpurhey, a 'suburb on its way up') and one of our Millers, Anne, commented:

It would be good to have older people's views as well as young families or has that cohort moved away?

Whilst James doesn’t quite talk about redevelopment, he touches on changes within his community and shares some of his life story.

Before that, we have a letter from one of our readers who tells us about a councillor in the 1980s who wanted Manchester to look like the East German city of Karl Marx Stadt. Then there’s a mini photo-essay by Dani, who went along to the Youth Strike 4 Climate protest on Friday.

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