Greater Manchester's sexual health testing service has broken down

We measured the tiny window every morning when people could get home STI tests. Then the window closed completely

Good morning Millers — we didn’t drop into your inbox yesterday as usual because we were pulling together the story in this newsletter. It’s an important piece of reporting by a young reporter called Jack Fifield — his first story for us. He picked up concerns about the system that allows residents in large parts of Greater Manchester to order home testing kits for sexual infections and then did some very clever digging to show how broken the system really is.

As we said two weeks ago when we reported on Greater Manchester’s failure to hit its targets on cancer deaths, we want to be doing more health reporting in the months ahead. There seems to be a lack of scrutiny about how these large local health bureaucracies are working. We hope that by putting questions to the relevant bodies and digging out the data that shows what’s really going on we can make them more accountable. As always, if you feel you can contribute information or expertise to our work, please hit reply to the newsle…

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