Tackling Manchester's hidden problem: adult illiteracy

‘Quite a lot of people develop amazing coping mechanisms’

Dear Millers — today’s piece is about adult literacy in Manchester. Dani went to an adult education class and spoke to some students and tutors about their experiences. This is the latest story in our Northern Project series, in which we are trying to focus on more reporting on the north of Greater Manchester.

In case you missed it, yesterday we published a brilliant piece by Jack Dulhanty, who had the enviable task of visiting a number of old school boozers in the Northern Quarter where he met a few colourful characters — you can read that piece here. We loved this comment from Mike, who wrote:

It takes me back to my teenage years drinking a pint of Mild at 11d when poor, 1/1d for bitter when flush but a pint of Mixed (1/1d) when somewhere in between. Most pubs were like this in Salford in the 60's.

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