'This pub is renowned for entertaining villains'

We spent some time in the Northern Quarter's old school boozers

Dear Millers — today’s story is a wonderful read from Jack Dulhanty about the old school boozers of the Northern Quarter. We gave him the enjoyable assignment of making about ten visits to old-fashioned pubs like The City and The Millstone to find out how their regular drinkers relate to the rapidly changing world around them. “Nah nah nah,” says one of the drinkers, “This isn’t the Northern Quarter, this is Oldham Street, mate.”

If you missed yesterday’s members’ story, Dani returned to the Ashton workshop that makes scenery and props for theatres across the country to see how they were getting on a year after we first visited. Under the story, longtime member Caroline wrote:

Being near neighbours, business wise, I remember this article from last year and have thought about Splinter quite a lot during the lockdowns, hoping that they had survived. Really pleased to read this article, and very happy for the whole team. Nice to get a good news story!

A quick reminder: We would love as man…

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