To pay is to fail: The high art of the Manchester jibbers

'Everyone knew then it was Eddie, he’d gone and snuck into the chancellor’s carriage and come out with his trousers'

Dear Millers — today’s story is about the Inter City Jibbers, a daring group of Manchester United fans who roamed the country (and the continent) watching their team. Their special art? Getting into games for free. Our new writer Jack Walton caught up with them to hear their memories — including the infamous story of one of the jibbers stealing Geoffrey Howe’s trousers on a sleeper train.

If you haven’t read yesterday’s members’ story yet, do make time for it. Dani met four recent arrivals from Hong Kong, who talked about why so many Hongkongers are coming to Greater Manchester, and what it’s been like in their first few months here.

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The Hongkongers are here: We met Manchester's new arrivals
Dear Millers — For today’s story, Dani went to meet some of Manchester’s newest residents. They’ve come from Hong Kong, where China's crackdown on free expression and its increasing assertion of control is prompting residents to leave. Hongkongers are choosing to move to the UK, and many have chosen Greater Manchester as their home…
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Under that piece, our member Leo made an interesting point about how the arrival of Hongkongers with cash to spend might impact the housing market. He writes:

We recently sold our house in Chorlton, and of four bids, two were cash offers from Hong Kong, one (an attempted gazump) so far beyond the asking price as to be untrue — we decided not to accept that…

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