Who is Manchester's new council leader? Bev Craig in her own words

She likes Owen Jones, supported Jeremy Corbyn getting on the ballot and says she has been inspired by growing up in a council house

Good afternoon Millers — last night we learned the name of Manchester’s incoming council leader: Bev Craig. She will become the council’s first female leader when she takes over from Sir Richard Leese in December, and its first openly gay leader too. You might remember that we mentioned Craig as one of the frontrunners for the job in our newsletter on Monday after she joined a march protesting the Conservative Party Conference.

Who is Bev Craig? Given the large influence Manchester’s leader has across the whole of GM, we thought we would try to paint a picture of who Craig is and what she cares about — based on her biography and her own words. She has been an active Twitter user since 2009 and has published more than 20,000 tweets in that time. We look at some of those below.

Yesterday we published a wonderful piece by Phil Griffin, who stepped back inside St Augustine’s Church to visit a “mighty work of art”. The piece has receive…

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