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The people behind The Mill 

The Mill was launched during the Covid-19 lockdown by me, Joshi Herrmann, to give Greater Manchester a different kind of news coverage. I have worked as a journalist for a decade, including reporting for The Times, The Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph and The Evening Standard. Now we have a team of three staff journalists in the office and a brilliant network of freelance contributors, including some of the best writers in the North. You can read some of my Mill stories here, including my long read about the tensions between the residents of New Islington and the old Ancoats.

Our senior editor is Sophie Atkinson, who is both a brilliant writer (read her strange and eery piece about Burnage Garden Village) and a fantastic editor, who comes up with many of our ideas and does lots of the work to improve our stories before they go out. Sophie often writes our biggest cultural pieces, like her examination of the new Aviva Studios when it opened, but she also writes beautiful features, like her piece about hunting for Salford’s lost “secret garden”. Sophie also writes cultural stories for some of the biggest publications on earth (even bigger than The Mill), including the New York Times and the Washington Post.

The Mill team in 2022, including Jack, Joshi, Dani and Sophie.

Mollie Simpson is one of our two staff writers. Mollie was one of the first ever freelance writers for The Mill when she was still a student at the University of Manchester in 2020, filing dramatic tales from inside the campus during the pandemic. She joined us on staff in July 2021 and has since become known for her scoopy reporting style which often turns up new details that no one has reported before, like her rare interview with the elusive and powerful Peel Group or her scoop about a Saudi property developer and a burned-down pub. Her investigation into a spiking in the Northern Quarter was praised in parliament in a debate about sexual violence.

Our other staff writer is Jack Dulhanty, who grew up in Salford and joined us after finishing his journalism course in January 2022. Jack is best known for his investigative long reads and profiles that dig deep into a company or person, and since he joined the company he’s become the leading chronicler of what goes on inside Manchester’s hospitality industry. His long read about the Michelin-star restaurant Mana was a huge hit, as was his piece about Mark Garner, the founder of Manchester Confidentials. In 2023, he wrote a penetrating two-part profile of the nightlife impresario Sacha Lord.

Three of the Mill team in 2023 (Sophie was away): Jack, Mollie and Joshi.

“Barely a year old, it’s already better than any local newspaper in Britain.” — Will Lloyd, Unherd

“A great read. Subscribe, fellow Mancunians.” — Michael Rawlinson QC, Mill member

“You give us thoughtful in depth articles, beautifully illustrated, and as well as covering places and people I might never have heard of, you unpack political battles without ever coming down on one side or another. Kudos!” Liz, Mill member

“The Mill is a great idea. Just the kind of local journalism I want to read — intelligent, trustworthy and insightful.” — Jon Connell, founder of The Week magazine

“This is brilliant! If you miss real, well-researched journalism without sensationalism and all the clickbait, have a read.” — Paula, Mill reader

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The story behind The Mill

The Mill started as a one-man band — with Joshi sending his first newsletter to just 23 email recipients in June 2020. Now we’ve got more than 35,000 readers, more than 2,000 paying subscribers, and we’ve created a wider company called Mill Media Co that publishes sister publications in Sheffield and Liverpool.

The Mill is our attempt to find a new business model for local news. Local journalism has been devastated in recent years, with thousands of reporters laid off and newsrooms badly depleted. We hope this project can be part of the fightback. (Read Joshi’s piece about what’s gone wrong in local news).

The Mill is funded by its readers via a paid membership program. For the price of a couple of pints per month, paying members receive original reporting from us daily rather than weekly. They also join our community, including being part of our members’ discussion group and being invited to our meetups (once that is allowed again). The Mill’s members are supporting the growth of a new type of journalism in Greater Manchester, allowing us to take on more reporting and hire local journalists.

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If you have a story that you think we should know about, please do get in touch by emailing If your story is sensitive, we will handle it with care. We are very used to dealing with confidential sources, and will never reveal the identity of contact unless they explicitly agree to their name appearing.

You can also write to us at: The Mill, 537 Royal Exchange, Old Bank Street, Manchester, M2 7DH

If you have a complaint about something we have published, please follow our complaints procedure.

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The Mill has a network of brilliant freelance contributors. We are constantly on the lookout for great journalists, whether they are in the first year of their career or the 50th year. Our best pieces have been written both by people who have bylines in the New York Times and The Guardian, and writers who are still studying.

We value compelling writing, good scoops and writers who like wandering around forgotten neighbourhoods and hanging out in old boozers to find out what’s really going on in peoples’ lives. If you would like to write for The Mill, please read our pitching guide. It tells you everything you need to know about how to pitch and what we are looking for.

Internships: We do take on a couple of trainee interns per year, who generally come into the office one day a week alongside their journalism course. Several of our staff started off by doing these placements. However, if you are interested in interning with us, please pitch us great freelance stories first. We almost always give our placements to people who have written one or two freelance stories for us and shown a really good understanding of what we publish and how we write, rather than people we have never heard from before. You can send your pitches to

If you have other ideas or skills you would like to contribute to help us grow, please email And we are always looking for people who have email lists in Greater Manchester and who are willing to tell their lists about us to spread the word. If that’s you, please get in touch.

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