Dead insects, a leaky roof and one woman's 27-year labour of love

'Don't worry, Princess Anne used this toilet when she visited'

Dear Millers — today’s story is about a woman called Wendy Edge, whose pioneering work for a Salford charity has raised millions of pounds and had a major impact on health care in this country (and also around the world). It’s the latest piece in our Northern Project series, in which we are focusing reporting on areas in the north of Greater Manchester which tend to receive less constructive coverage.

The latest episode of our new podcast came out a matter of minutes ago! It features Joshi talking about the Tony Wilson book, Dani talking about Hongkongers arriving in Manchester and some discussion of other big local stories this week. Listen to it here. We would love it if you gave it a review or a rating on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Yesterday we published a great piece by new writer Jack Walton about Manchester’s Inter City Jibbers — fans who were skilled in the high art of getting into matches for free. Thanks to reader Tony, who commented:

Beautiful mo…

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