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Sophie ,this is a lovely interview with Julie. I did watch Corrie at the time that Julie was in it and always loved her character and how she and David who played Roy acted together. They were so sensitively played and you could just tell the people behind the mask of drama were good people.

I think Julie is an amazing actor and I'm sorry I won't be at the forthcoming meet up where she'll be speaking.

I also enjoyed the fairly recent podcast 'The poet laureate has gone to his shed' where Julie is in conversation with Simon Armitage in his shed in Yorkshire . The part where she speaks of her father's diaries is very moving.

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That is a really nice article. I forwarded this on to my stepmother who said: “Many thanks for the article. It certainly was such a lovely and interesting piece and brought back some quite emotional memories for both your Dad and I. Julie is such a warm, kind and genuine person and her parents -two of the nicest people you could meet. We were devastated when her Dad, John, passed away (he had had Parkinsons for a long time), but he was such a lovely man and a great character who could always make us laugh. Julie is so like him.”

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Loved this article. Thank you for setting up The Mill, it’s an alternative that was sorely needed.

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