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Only just read this and not yet read the 2023 update. But it does remind me of 'The Village' from 'The Prisoner'. A supposed utopia with lots of rules where no-one has a name and only a number...

"What do you want?"


"You won't get it"


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Excellent article. What strikes me about all the photos is that all the window frames match, and are probably in the same style as the ones built in the 1900s. I always think it's a shame when streets like this one have a mismatch of architectural styles, after years of adaptations, extensions and replacement windows. But now I'm not so sure that's a bad thing as it points to residents freedom to express themselves.

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Very well researched piece about this subject. I don't know much about Burnage as I lived in North East Manchester but I felt very uneasy reading this. I don't think I'd have fitted in there somehow! Neighbourhoods and community are funny things . I'm part of a fb group where I live and some people take umbrage very easily . Even so I would hate to live cut off from people.

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