'If I imagined there was some sort of neat ending point, I would be here forever'

Sir Richard Leese tells us about his decision to step down, and we visit 'the ghost estate'

Dear Millers — we’ve got a two-part newsletter today, with some reaction to the news that Sir Richard Leese is standing down, including a few quotes from our interview with him yesterday, and a little piece by Dani about her visit to Langley, a suburb near Middleton.

In case you missed it, yesterday’s piece took us to Wythenshawe to meet Martin Miles, an amateur weatherman who has over 13,000 online followers (you can read that here). And on Tuesday our members’ story was by 15-year-old Faith Mitchell, writing about her tough upbringing and her hopes for the future, which drew some lovely comments from Millers, which she has been reading.

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Piecing my life story together
Dear Millers — today’s piece is by a 15-year-old girl called Faith, who recently spent a day with us at Mill HQ on work experience. As well as shadowing Mollie on a reporting trip, she also agreed to write a very personal piece about her upbringing…
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Dave Wilson wrote:

Faith, I've subscribed to The Mill for about a year now; love all the writing, but never felt moved to comment on any articles before. Until yours. Wow! It's really well written, very moving to read. Your writing is lovely, strong, emotional, witty but also measured. Really enjoyed reading it. Good luck for the future; you'll make …

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