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Hi there, Just FYI. I am the 'Ron' involved in the Great Milk Machine Robbery in Percy Bros (The Hotspur Press). It was in 1965-66 when I figured out pieces of lead we used as spacing as compositors could be easily . . . ehm . . . fashioned into the size of a sixpence, the amount needed at the machine for either a large Kit-Kat or small carton of milk! Saved me and many others lots of money but nearly cost me my apprenticeship!!

Bob Cummings sent me your article. Lovely piece outlining some interesting history, some I did not know of, thank you. Back when the developers were closing in on their disgusting plans for the building I annoyed them quite a lot via emails and a couple of phone calls from here in California, where I now live. My voice appeared to be echoing back from empty heads, so it is nice to hear that they appear to have given up their shallow idea of only a shallow frontage of the building being 'saved' in their plans, and possibly they have given up altogether!!

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Very sad state of affairs. Thanks for the write up Dani. I hope the building, shell or otherwise can remain in any future plans. If old buildings/mills are not retained, the city centre will just become a homogeneous sea of skyscraper apartments with no soul.

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