Sep 24, 2023Liked by Jack Dulhanty, Sophie Atkinson

Lovely set of pen-portraits of some of the intake this year - always great to see just how varied it can be. With these 100,000 come a whirlwind of every kind of experience and expectation - and, of course, a healthy dose of support for businesses on Oxford Road and in places like Fallowfield. The whole energy of the city changes, and it's great!

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Sep 23, 2023Liked by Jack Dulhanty, Sophie Atkinson

“He kind of hates Manchester, it’s loud and overwhelming and feels unsafe at times. It’s the only place he’s had to queue for a bus. But Rosie’s here and he loves her so it’s fine....”

It’s that time of year to avoid Sainsbury’s Fallowfield, unless you really enjoy eves dropping concerned parents persuading their first-borns of the merits of couscous over Mac and cheese.

Time to hug a student - metaphorically, obviously. Manchester comes alive again / chokes up with ambition, confusion, high/volume, I-d brandishing shot-slugging hopefuls. Autumn may be in the air, but spring is in the soul of Oxford Road.

Jack and Sophie go tablehopping in The Friendship. Made my day.

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