Oldham's pied piper Raja Miah changes his tune

'He’s on social media now going absolutely berserk. He’s in meltdown'

Dear members — we have some exciting news… we’re going into print!

A special, one-off newspaper edition of The Mill is going to hit the streets in December, filled with a selection of our favourite stories since we launched last year and one or two new ones. We’re going to distribute it around the city for free to reach potential new members and expand the impact of our journalism across Greater Manchester. We also thought it would be nice for you, our members, to have a physical edition to read and keep, as a memento of what you have helped us to build in the past 18 months. We might even enlist your help putting them in your local cafes, bars, shops and galleries.

The idea for this started on the occasion of our 1st birthday back in June, when our longtime member Richard Heap offered his design expertise to help us create a little commemorative leaflet about the first year of The Mill. Then we thought it might be cool if it looked like a newspaper — four pages maybe. Since then, it’s…

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