Manchester covers a large geographical area and if it is only certain areas where the virus numbers are 'rising',I use the word with caution as test more equals in general find more, why not lock down these areas as they did in Liverpool?

Hospital admissions are not rising. There are still deaths but it is unknown to the public when they contracted it and what their state of health was pre infection. We have to learn to live with this virus and mass scaremongering does little to help individuals make sensible risk based decisions.

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What is the exit strategy and why are we paying AstraZeneca to stockpile untested vaccines for goverment approval

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Much more useful to know would be the number admitted to hospital as a result of the virus and the number of deaths.

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Numbers of positive tests at present irrelevant, how many people are in hospital after being tested positive

How many people are currently in hospital with covid?

Lockdown was supposed to stop NHS being overwhelmed. It never has been.

As for asking children of school age to cover their faces with masks??? The world has gone completely mad, but more importantly, so has Boris Johnson and his “Government”

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Please get us released from these restrictions which prevent me seeing my elderly mother who lives over a hundred miles away- feel like we’ve been forgotten- I’m in Stockport with the lowest rates in Greater Manchester.The restrictions are disproportionate!

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Is your mum in your support bubble? If so you can see her...

‘You should not travel outside of your area to meet people other than those in your support bubble, in their homes or gardens, or indoor public places.‘

Taken from: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/north-west-of-england-local-restrictions-what-you-can-and-cannot-do

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No my sisters

Live nearer so they are although they are not as restricted so the other point is that the rules are so complicated I can’t understand which a re law and which are guidelines!

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Medical students are taught the formula R=P x M where the risk posed by an illness is the prevalence times its morbidity.

It is quite meaningless to quote case numbers (prevalence) without taking into account hospitalisation or death rate.

Is it being done because the government need to be seen 'doing something' and to keep the fear factor alive for the benefit of the vaccine manufactures?

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Rochdale's latest infection rate is 38 in 100,000 people.

(Ignoring that testing could produce 50 false positives in that sample), round that up to 1 in 2,500.

So, 2,500 people are to wear face coverings and put up with social restrictions in case just one of them may have, or may have had in the past, a virus that is no more lethal than a serious case of flu and overwhelmingly affects the only very elderly who also happen to be in poor health.

Dentists now have to leave rooms unoccupied after a procedure and can only treat eight patients to when they could treat 25;

Tens of thousands are waiting for medical care; Pubs, restaurants, shops etc. are not economic with antisocial distancing. The economic ramifications are immense.

On my street I see about a dozen children playing about and crawling all over each other. Soon they will be back at school and having to conform to antisocial distancing and mask wearing and when they get back home, they'll be back out on the street.

I'm in my seventh decade and seen a lot of scams but I've never seen such a complete contrik-19.

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Central Government has been capricious and unpredicatable in announcing lockdowns both locally and internationally. We in the North West don't do that here. We work to clear plans and we work together. How can we in Greater Manchester be ready for them and work round them next time?

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On a different issue and in relation to the current TV programme on Manchester. Could you ask AB if the Council have any plans to build house owned by the council for local residents to rent at affordable rates. If the response is negative could you please ask if the Council has borrowed to invest in commercial properties and shopping centres. If so, how much,


Chris Fernie

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I'd like to know why the rest of Greater Manchester is still having restrictions imposed, despite the numbers going down, whilst Wigan has had restrictions lifted, despite their numbers going up! Nothing during this whole pandemic makes any sense! No wonder everyone is confused!

The Government and Mr Burnham just seem to defy any sense of logic!

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Thanks Martin. The crucial thing is the infection rate itself, and Wigan's has remained under 10 for most of the past month, much lower than most of the boroughs, some of whom have had brief spikes up to 30 or 40 before coming down again.

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