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I don't know how the Tories have got the brass neck to come to Manchester, bearing in mind their utter contempt for anywhere beyond the blue wall areas.

As for the Northern Research Group, nobody cares about their future job prospects if they get turfed out at the next election. They have propped up a series of incompetent PMs and Cabinet ministers and left us with the zombie government to out -zombie all other zombie governments. They deserve what bad luck they get. They shouldn't think that asking for a Cabinet minister for the North is going to make things better. In any case, who out of the mediocre incompetents that populate the Tory Party is fit to take on such a role? Jacob Rees-Smug? Cruella de Braverman? Iain Duncan Shit-for Brains?

To add insult to injury, some joker put up banners all along the side of the Midland Hotel saying 'Welcome to Manchester'. Not in my name nor that of many other Mancunians.

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