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Well yes. There were three hustlers and a jolly three too.

I was a raving Dylan fan back in the day - saw the famous 1966 gig at the Free Trade Hall back when I was 18. Like a lot of hardcore Dylan fans - some of the songs I thought I understand very well, some of the songs I understood some of and others are a complete blank to me still. Out of curiosity I once went to a Greil Marcus reading of his book about the basement tapes and concluded he understood nothing at all about Bob Dylan's songs. Just another academic on the gravy train. The evening was not wasted however. I was wearing a Joe Ely tee-shirt and got talking to a fellow Ely fan who had written a book about the 1968 gig.

As far as the Situationists go, Debord summed themselves up in a in a quote by "Bridgette Bardot" in the Durutti Column comic "Fortunately for us, 2000 years of Christianity has fostered the masochism of all these intellectuals". A 1960's cult in other words.

I never met or had anything to do with Wilson nor had any interest in anything that called itself Factory records. As far as I was concerned Warhol was the biggest hustler of the three I've just mentioned. Getting other people to make concrete tomatoes and selling them for 700 dollars a throw in 1960s money.

But maybe Wilson sincerely believed in these people

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