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I agree. Probably all the Greater Manchester Boroughs are in the same position, and central government does not help matters. We are being ruled by people who appear to have no feel for anything much in life beyond promoting their own financial interests and those of their friends. 'HIstory' seems to have no value for them beyond that of being the uncomfortable context out of which has come useful material for the production of today's wealth. They have a talent for making sure they get more than their fair share for themselves. Comfortable politics for comfortable politicians.

What do they care about the millions of people without whom the most revolutionary, ingenious and life-enhancing of inventions could not be assembled and operated?

Art is similarly valued only as a commodity to be traded with, whether in purely financial terms or in terms of social snobbery.

Last year it took a person Marcus Rashford to get the PM to listen to what for most of us is simple common sense in approaching one of the major social problems of our time. Even then, it was only under extreme pressure of events that he was prepared to put on the appearance of caring about other people that he did.

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