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A small but significant point regarding the current restrictions on 2 households meeting. The advice/instructions on meeting outside were confusing and contradictory, to me at least. I've just received the official info and it says this 'People are still able to meet others in groups up to 6 individuals, or 2 households, in outdoor public places.' This quote is from https://www.gov.uk/government/news/restrictions-on-household-gatherings-to-continue-in-parts-of-the-north-west-and-west-yorkshire so it now appears it IS ok for 2 households to meet outside in public spaces.

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The increase is in reported cases which can be less than 50% accurate.

99% of all Covid cases are mild, and it's estimated that 46% are not reported at all.

UK Deaths 'with' Covid-19 are at their lowest level.

Lockdown has cost the UK a quarter of its gdp. That's about £650 billion and counting. [ONS]

Local authorities will now be able to order contaminated cars, buses, trains and aeroplanes to be destroyed and buildings to be demolished under new draconian powers.

Deaths from the most common type of heart attack have jumped by 40% during lockdown.

Prisoners awaiting trial are being released as suspects can only be held in custody for 182 days, however the pandemic has led to a backlog of 41,000 crown court cases causing delays of up to three years.

This link is to a page which gives some fully referenced facts about Covid-19. After the 30 points there are some graphs. One at the bottom is called UK mortality 2020 vs 2000 (a bad flu year). They are almost identical.


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