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The North is a little under the hammer at the moment, but blame pointing and wagging tongues won't help at all. I note with interest that our underfunded, under pressure police have issued fines last night to a party of young people who had 100 + at a party. Will they never learn? It's sheer selfishness and no perhaps they won't suffer with the virus but they will pass it on to others who are less fortunate than them . It is pure anti-social behaviour and therefore fight fire with fire. They ignore regs, we ignore their social life and close bars and pubs. And as for HS2,do we really need it? And will it occur in our lifetime, us that are paying for it, not the ones in 20/30 years who will reap the benefit. And by that time, won't most business be reliant in the web? Ah well, such is life.

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