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Some questions for Mill readers

Dear Millers - I hope you are having a good weekend. Thanks for your many interesting emails following our last story about ‘Manctopia’ and the complex questions the show raises about how Manchester is changing. If you missed the story, you might find it in your ‘Promotions’ folder (if you use Gmail) or ‘Other’ folder (if you use Outlook). Drag it into your main inbox so that you don’t miss future Mill stories.

Now, I have a small favour to ask. I’ve made a short readers survey to try to understand who is reading The Mill, what you think we should prioritise, and how we could improve. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes, and of the 24 questions about half are multiple choice. Please click here to answer the questions and many thanks for taking the time. If you only signed up in the past few days, you can probably sit this one out and wait for the next survey we do.