Sitemap - 2021 - The Mill

A city going through its longest year

'Feeding the hungry little ones'

'Nobody’s going to know I’m here'

Record new cases in Greater Manchester as Omicron spreads

The man who ran Manchester

A search on the Irwell

Exclusive: Police drop their probe into Rabnawaz Akbar

Why North West Ambulance bosses told paramedics to leave patients at the door

Drinking cocktails at Manchester’s pinkest restaurant

Three centuries at the centre of the city; the life of St Ann's

In Salford, the gardening gods chisel away at the anguishes of men

A troubling inquest turns to medical staff for answers

A city centre priest

Steve Phythian obituary - Swinton lad and rugby man

A feud in Burnage and the bad omens for Manchester's new politics

Senior Manchester councillor suspended

Going to battle in the countryside

A year ago they were shielding. How are they feeling now?

'I felt frightened that I couldn’t do it'

'Relentless demand, a murder, a fatal fail to stop'

Stanley Chow, an artist who works in the moment

'Nobody buys art in Manchester' - or do they?

Ila Patel’s market stall survived the IRA bomb and the pandemic

'The Northern Powerhouse was a fraud'

'For the last few days I have had the gruesome job of burying the dead on the battlefield'

Inside the Yousef Makki inquest so far

'Fights usually come to you'

Report uncovers 'serious and widespread failures' in children's care

Welcome to 'Saxon Manchester' - a German city struggling with the far-right

Tackling Manchester's hidden problem: adult illiteracy

'This pub is renowned for entertaining villains'

What happened to a local business that was on the brink? We return to a proud workshop

'It went wrong right from the beginning'

'Owd Jinny Greenteeth’s comin’ with a knife'

Oldham's pied piper Raja Miah changes his tune

Greater Manchester's sexual health testing service has broken down

Manchester clubs close their doors as university warns students to cover drinks

Inside old mills, a group of pioneers are trying to revive the industry that made Manchester

Dead insects, a leaky roof and one woman's 27-year labour of love

To pay is to fail: The high art of the Manchester jibbers

The Hongkongers are here: We met Manchester's new arrivals

'Vast chasm' between Greater Manchester's climate rhetoric and progress so far

Tony Wilson gets the biography he wanted

Greater Manchester pledged to cut cancer deaths. Then the promise disappeared

Burying the Hachette with Manchester’s new super publisher

'It’s one of those things which is beyond imagination'

Debate rages over 'fair share' of new asylum seekers

She was studying during the lockdown. Then she fell into a virtual world

The quiet, deliberate life of a Manchester cemetery

Who is Manchester's new council leader? Bev Craig in her own words

Returning to one of Manchester’s greatest art treasures

New polling shows 32 Tory seats in the Red Wall 'at risk'

An explosion for dignity

Car bombs, sedition and a full English: A morning at the veterans' breakfast club

300,000 clubbers return to Manchester

'My mental health suffered significantly'

A heated battle over the Green Belt reaches its climax in Greater Manchester

New tenants at The Monastery

Wait... is Manchester running out of water?

A gorgeous literary hate letter to Manchester

Buyers getting 'plenty of property for their money' in Tameside

Life inside Briar Hill Court

'They come into your lives and tell you everything, and then disappear'

Millers Talk: What next for Manchester?

Underground publishing and domestic terrorism in 1970s Manchester

Remembering Peter Smith, a quiet giant of Greater Manchester politics

'I feel panic': Making sense of Didsbury's mosque attack

From a Brazilian cult to sexual liberation in Manchester

'If I imagined there was some sort of neat ending point, I would be here forever'

Hanging on the word of Manchester's amateur weatherman

Piecing my life story together

Rashford goes on the attack again

I went to visit the Gypsies of Bolton

Remembering Jack Kahane, publisher of literary classics and soft porn

'I’m like my cacti, a bit prickly sometimes'

Smears and conspiracy theories in Oldham - our new reporting delves deeper

A precarious kind of freedom: On shift with Manchester's food delivery riders

Inside Harpurhey, a 'suburb on its way up'

Is Manchester’s magic material about to become useful at last?

A note from the editor

Five hotels, hundreds of volunteers and a frenzied operation to welcome Afghan refugees

How China sees Manchester

He was Lancashire's favourite writer. Then he disappeared from view

'Suddenly, they’re out, they’re hunting. They're sat in trees, they're watching you'

Anger grows over Manchester Pride

Manchester embraced China. Then things started to get sticky

A young creative searches for his break

Palaces, parties and high-rise property: The story of Manchester’s forgotten island

Excited, nervous, patronised by the media: The thoughts of school leavers on results day

'A bold project is underway'

Manchester's disaster doctor looks back

The Stockport man who powered half the internet 

'We need to cry as much as we need to laugh'

The rise of repair shops and the fight against throwaway consumerism

Manchester's cyclists go for gold

The teenage playground of Piccadilly Gardens

Inside at-home care in Greater Manchester

'Buy a book, kill the Kindle'

As Oldham's political crisis deepens, police arrest online activist Raja Miah

Tide turns as cases start to fall in Greater Manchester

Life on the door

Freight Expectations: Pandemic-era partying at Manchester’s hottest dining spot

Manchester's new arrivals: remote workers from London

Salford Council and a 'secretive' algorithm used to assess welfare claimants

'We can’t wake up today and all go snogging'

A spaceman comes to Manchester

'If I have nothing else, I have that'

What a group of girls learned from their parents about community, immigration and Manchester

'We have God and Allah'

'A despicable, shameful act'

The ancient, magical land of Borsdane Wood

Why is Greater Manchester falling behind the country on vaccinations?

'Dante gave them the language to describe something hellish'

Community and solace at a women's gym

Can we justify the destruction of 250-year-old Manchester cottages?

Grooming gangs, cartels and the poisoning of Oldham's politics

The crude politics of Manchester Art Gallery

'It was predatory to incentivise what was an illness'

Exclusive: Homicides spiked in Manchester during the pandemic, new data shows

Manchester waits to be transformed

The Queen's Gambit: Two Manchester chess prodigies take on the world

'Another great house on Death Row'

Big publishers said they were coming to the North. Have they?

'When people come to university, they feel like they have to build up this image of themselves'

'I’m at risk of losing everything'

See you in a week

As Manchester starts its day, a quiet army finishes work

Grist To The Mill: A members' discussion thread

'Cause for optimism' even as hospital numbers rise

'I only went to Sweetens'

The contested future of Greater Manchester's NHS

The people who built The Mill

To rapturous applause, Sir Mark Elder leads the Hallé out of its long hiatus

Inside Didsbury's red-hot property market

My life in Manchester's libraries

The making of Brexitland

Some good news from Bolton

The rich history of a secluded mansion in Manchester

Saving the last wooden canal boats from the ravages of time

20 years after its riots, Oldham is more than ready to move on

Dark days and luminous nights in the Irk Valley

How worrying is the Bolton outbreak?

'What am I running away from?'

A gallery of rust, Manchester's computing legacy and 10 things to do this weekend

Rediscovering the long-lost memoir of a Manchester bookseller

Secret Night Gang and the story of Manchester’s bustling jazz scene

'Bring it on!' Greater Manchester swings open its doors

The Jigsaw Murders: How a sensational Manchester trial gave birth to modern forensics

Why is Manchester's property market freezing out first-time buyers?

The fight for the willow tit and the importance of protecting scrubland

'Good curation takes listeners on a journey'

The strange case of Shukri Abdi

Who runs Greater Manchester? Your bumper guide to the winners and losers

Super Thursday guide: What your local councillor actually does

'I was so proud to be the postmistress of Dukinfield'

The Mill meets Andy Burnham: the full interview

Why we should expect 'crazy results' on Super Thursday

Andy Burnham's authentic self

'I’m sure you will have advised him as to the weight of the evidence'

As the pandemic dragged on, exiled Mancunians started to yearn for paintings of home

'This disruption could potentially bring something much better'

The Manchester Arena inquiry's silent witness

'He has failed abysmally': Meet the candidates vying for Andy Burnham's job

Manchester's sluggish recovery, and which bits of GM have the highest Covid mortality

The battle for political control in Stockport and a debate about where to build houses

A photographer documents the brutalist buildings of the North

'It's an absolute disgrace'

A quiet life on the edge of Manchester

‘10p for the first one to see the Tower...’

Burnham sets out his stall

The sounds of a city as it reawakens at last

The Great Reopening: here's where you can eat and drink without a booking

'It was like there was magic built into the walls'

What shall we ask Andy?

While helping abuse victims to escape, a tiny charity forces a change in the law

Made by China: How Chinese building firms are winning the biggest deals in the North

Rewilding a Manchester council estate

'Less time shouting into one another’s faces without masks on'

'I'm the guy on the edge of the dancefloor just staring'

'We’ve got a lot of Chinese students here at the moment'

A priest welcomes back his flock for the start of Holy Week

Broadcasting from his empty classroom, a teacher documents a unique year

£1.55 bus fares in Manchester? 'Never in a month of Sundays'

The Manchester dream

Questions for Manchester Business School over 'embarrassing' ties to Lex Greensill

'Flight to quality' or ruinous collapse? Inside the Manchester office market

'Were you up for Westhoughton South?' Our bumper guide to the upcoming local elections

'I want you to be f***ing abolished'

The best time to fix local news was 20 years ago. The second best time is now

He won a David and Goliath legal battle. But at what cost?

A year into the pandemic, Castleton wears its high death rate lightly

My long, confusing journey into the world of council budget cuts

The resplendent light of Annie Swynnerton

How safe are women on Greater Manchester's streets?

With no visitors in sight, Manchester Museum oversees an epic struggle for survival

Did Manchester's gangs help to inspire a cult classic?

'It was like Christmas Day': At the school gate on the first day back

'Low traffic neighbourhood' trials are everywhere in Greater Manchester. But will they work?

Harlequin toad - one of the world's rarest frogs - is born in Manchester

While hailing Rashford, Manchester council offered 'shocking' food parcels of its own

Behind the headlines: A 'realignment' in GM and Sunak's scattergun Budget

Stockport's outbreak of 'bloodshed, violence and licentious phrenzy'

Didsbury, Sale, Worsley? A model predicts the winners and losers from the move to remote work

Covid's uneven mortality in Greater Manchester

If these walls could talk: The life and times of the Hotspur Press

'I'm hoping that something comes through for me soon'

Is it a bird...? Is it a plane...? No, it's Super-Manc!

Greater Manchester wants to be 'age friendly' - but what does that mean?

New study shows vaccines are working 'spectacularly' well

'The girls are taking over'

On Oxford Road, some of Manchester's top scientists await samples from Mars

In the shadow of the mills of Chorlton-on-Medlock, Lily Maxwell cooked up a plan to vote

Inside AstraZeneca, a North West pharma powerhouse

'Very worrying' delays as Greater Manchester's cancer backlog triples

Residents asked for 'low traffic' streets. They got a neighbourhood war

What went wrong in Levenshulme?

Stop me if you've heard this one before

The arguments for bus franchising in GM - and the man bitterly opposing it

From its HQ in Manchester, a global mission to rid the world of landmines

'I'd be lying if I said I didn't have aspirations'

'I’ve already wasted one year. I can’t afford to waste another'

The second life of Hulme Crescents

Greater Manchester's leaders condemn vaccine queue-jumping

Exclusive: Council accuses school staff of jumping the vaccine queue

The dream of a Northern Forest

'Striking and widening' gaps in vaccine roll-out

He fell out with Granada. Then he created one of the best-selling book series of all time

Palazzo Manchester: How the princes of the industrial revolution looked to Florence

Millers discussion thread: How is the pandemic going to change Greater Manchester?

Growing up with the legacy of the Holocaust

How will the city emerge from the pandemic?

How one woman sparked a movement for 'little free libraries' in Manchester

My first day as a vaccination volunteer

The family next door

After 35 years, Greater Manchester prepares to dismantle Margaret Thatcher's bus legacy

'Significant incident' as Mersey begins to burst its banks

From the Oldham mills to political revolution: The irrepressible life of Annie Kenney

New: 230,000 more people in Greater Manchester are about to be offered the vaccine

A desperate call from high up on Bleaklow Moor

What's the government up to on devolution?

Brexit forces Manchester's French families to 'choose a side'

When Manchester roared

Is the January surge levelling off in Greater Manchester?

An apprentice plumber from Wythenshawe gets his moment in the spotlight

The story of a locked-down high street

Greater Manchester's hospitals could 'fall over' this month

The race against time - and the elements - to save a hidden art treasure

Is Brexit a bust for this local bra business?

Monday briefing: Latest GM Covid data and primary school fiasco

Towers on the hill: The dwindling life of Rochdale's 'Seven Sisters'